After the Au Pair stay

After you come home from the USA, there will be a lot that is coming your way. You have to get used to another life again, because time didn’t stand still while you were in America.

You have to think about what you want to do now. Maybe you’re aiming for a degree, an apprenticeship, maybe you’ve already put all that behind you and now you’re going to work. That’s how you deal with different situations and that’s what the stay abroad brings you.

Back at home

In a year in America, the lives of your family and friends also moved on. Not only you have had new experiences and met new people. Many returnees also find that during their time abroad it has become clear who really is their friend and who is perhaps just an acquaintance. Everyone has gone their own way and has certainly changed. It’s good! Because change is part of life and should motivate you to tackle new tasks and adventures Jeder ist seiner Wege gegangen und hat sich sicher auch verändert. Das ist gut! Denn Veränderung gehört zum Leben dazu uns sollte dich motivieren, neue Aufgaben und Abenteuer anzugehen.

Studies, training, job – your advantage

You come back, have spent at least a year abroad, gone to college and learned the language.
Your au pair stay now looks great on your CV.
You should definitely take advantage of this. Your strengths include independence and that you are not afraid of new challenges. You got to know a new culture and thus also gained a kind of knowledge of human nature. These qualities are great if you are now applying for an apprenticeship or a job. Recognize your strengths and use them in a targeted manner.
These are also of great advantage for your studies. Sometimes you have to write a letter of motivation to apply for a place at university and you can include it perfectly there.

Not to mention your language skills. You speak great English after a year in America. If you now take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or the IELTS (International English Language Testing System), you will certainly do well and thus also meet the requirements that are placed on you for various courses.

The year in the US has really given you a huge advantage over others who haven’t spent time abroad.

Travel Fever

Now it’s got you. It’s quite possible that you’ll come back home and can hardly stand it here and would like to start traveling again straight away. This is completely normal and maybe there are other programs that interest you or you would like to go abroad permanently to work there. Traveling brings us so much and if you feel like it, you should definitely do so.

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