Au Pair - what is that?

Au pairs are young men and women who go to another country for a certain period of time to live with a host family and look after their children.

The au pair is like a new family member and is integrated into the everyday life of the family.

It lives with the family, has its own room and receives full board. The au pair takes on responsibilities such as childcare and other duties related to the children.

In the morning, the au pair drives the children to school or kindergarten and takes care of the children’s laundry at home, tidies up the children’s rooms or even prepares lunch for the children. When the children come home from school, everyone eats together and the au pair helps the kiddies with their homework and then accompanies them to playdates or other leisure activities. For these tasks, the au pair receives pocket money in addition to board and lodging. This is €195.75 per week in the USA.
In addition to looking after the children, the au pair attends a college course, which is paid for by the host family with up to $500, or pursues other leisure activities. Meeting an au pair, training in a club, going shopping in the mall or having dinner with friends at the Cheesecake Factory – the au pair can do whatever they want in their free time.

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