Freunde finden

Being an au pair in a new country is an unusual situation. Especially at the beginning you miss your friends especially because you hardly know anyone in America. But that will change quickly.

You will experience many situations in which you can meet new people. It’s important that you not only wait for people to approach you, but that you also take a step.

First of all, your family probably knows other families, friends and acquaintances and maybe there is even someone here your age.

But you will definitely meet new people once you go to college. You can also meet up in a bar or a café and have a chat. Be open!

Our partner agency also organizes au pair meetings in which all au pairs from your area take part. Talk to each other, but don’t just talk about your life with the family all the time. Find more things in common and plan your own trips together. is also an idea if you are not only looking for other au pairs. Here it’s not just about finding a cheap place to sleep, but there are also meetings for joint activities, city tours, excursions, road trips at the weekend, etc. You can either look around here to see if you find something exciting on the website or you can ask just drop by yourself if you want to do something with you.

Always be open and friendly! Don’t hide, because only when you go out do you have the opportunity to discover new things.


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