During the au pair stay, the main focus is on looking after the children. You drive the children to school and kindergarten, pick them up, do their homework with them and prepare meals for them. Then it’s off to playdates or other leisure activities, such as club sports or dance lessons. You can also go to the playground. You are also welcome to arrange playdates with other au pairs and their guest children. In this way, your host children also get to know new children and you don’t feel so alone. But always ask for the permission of the host parents first.

When the children are at school, it is possible that you should also take care of their laundry, i.e. you only wash the children’s laundry, throw them in the dryer and possibly iron them. In addition, one of your duties is to keep the children’s room clean. Of course you can involve the kiddies here, because after all, they shouldn’t learn that everything tidies up by itself and that they only have to cause chaos.

You have to take responsibility here and you should really enjoy working with children. Your effort to be a good au pair will definitely pay off and you will eventually hear from the kids how much they like you. They want to have a sleepover in your room or come crawling up to you to cuddle while watching TV together. All of this will show you that you are doing your job right and if you ever have doubts about your stay and then get homesick, you will know that you made the right decision.

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