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Orientation Days

After your arrival in San Francisco, you will first go to the Orientation Days, an au pair workshop, where all the important points of your stay will be explained to you. How do you deal with the children? What do you do when a problem arises? How do you cope with homesickness? All this will be explained to you here in just under 3 days. Then it’s off to the host family.

The first days with the host family

Once you have arrived at the host family, of course you first have to get used to the new situation. The host parents are usually at home in the first few days after your arrival. They will give you all the information you need about the children and the household. They will probably also show you the area so that you can orientate yourself. Spend time with the children and get to know them. You will certainly learn a lot if you observe the parents dealing with their children.

Of course, it is particularly important that you ask questions.

What do I do in case of an emergency? emergency numbers your working hours When do the kids eat? Is there anything the children are not allowed to eat? house rules How to use the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher? Computer and Telephone Rules Driving practice – Drive the car accompanied by the host parents children’s leisure activities further tasks

Life with the American family will be different than the life you know. You will meet many new people and discover new places. Of course you will speak English. But no worry. You are allowed to make mistakes. Nobody expects you to speak perfect English already. Your host family will surely help you to feel welcome and feel safer every day.

It is important that you talk to the parents about the children and how to deal with them. Sometimes you may disagree with the way your parents raised you. Here, however, you have to accept their upbringing goal and adapt. You are now part of her family and so you should always treat each other with respect.


Host families in the USA often expect the au pair to already have driving experience so that the girl can drive the children to school, kindergarten or other leisure activities. In America, it varies from state to state whether you have to take a driver’s license test again or not. You can find out from the DMV, the Department of Motor Vehicles. Ask your host parents if they can accompany you in the car for a few minutes to make you feel more comfortable. Let them explain everything to you about the child seats. If you are involved in an accident during your working hours, the host family is responsible for the damage. If the accident happens in your free time, you are responsible for part of the repair costs.

Telephone & Internet

Discuss with your host family how and when you can use the phone. You can buy a cheap prepaid card that you can top up. You have to bear the cost of this. There are many places in the USA with free wifi, so you will benefit from a charge for a long time. You should definitely not use your cell phone when you are looking after the children. You can have Whatsapp conversations and personal phone calls when you’re not working. Of course you can take your own laptop with you to the USA. Maybe the family has a computer that you can use. But keep in mind that here too, you don’t use the computer while you’re working. Do not use inline platforms for illegal streaming or otherwise visit inappropriate websites.

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